Forward Rendering + Parallax corrected box reflections

Hi there,

I started playing with Forward Rendering today. It’s beutifully sharp, but there’s one feature missing which I read was supposed to be included: parallax corrected reflections. The difference between my project using Deferred and Forward rendering is that now any reflections using box relection capture actor (I use them 100% of the time) seem to be infinite distance, which looks flat and fake. In old Deferred rendering style the reflection would fit the size of the box reflection capture in terms of how distant the reflected objects seem to be which makes them beautiful. This is evident when you move the camera around, especialy in interior scenes. Is there any way at the moment to make the reflections work like they used to?

Thank you,

You have to check ‘high quality reflections’ on the material to get parallax correction. The default is fast - that’s one of the main reasons the forward renderer is faster than deferred.

From the release notes