Forward Rendering And Lights

My game is going to be a basic corridor shooter so shouldn’t be too demanding on hardware. I’m going to have a few rooms here and there too obviously but I’m wanting to get as much performance as possible out of the game because I’m planning on Submitting it to the Oculus Store.

So I was thinking about using Forward Rendering but I’m not too sure about understanding the lighting restrictions.

I’m planning on having a flashlight attached to the player’s head and lights in the rooms and corridors, some working fine, some flickering on and off and some of them out altogether.

So the flashlight is going to be a dynamic light, right? But what about the flickering lights?

It’s going to be a sci-fi survival horror game so I’m going to have alien parasites popping out of light fittings which will obviously cause those lights to turn off. So would these be dynamic lights too? I’m getting a bit confused by these different types of lighting tbh!