Forward renderer: post process SceneTexture data no anti-aliased?

We’re investigating switching our project to the forward renderer. We use many SceneTextures in our post process material (CustomStencil, CustomDepth, SceneDepth) but with the forward renderer none of these SceneTextures are anti-aliased.

Is there a trick/setting to get them to be anti-aliased? Setting r.msaaCount to any value (other than 0, of course) doesn’t seem to have any impact.

MSAA, unlike FXAA and TAA, happens before the post process, so post process doesn’t get anti aliased.

We came across the same issue and is one of the reasons we decided against using forward rendering for our project.

If you could combine AA methods in UE4 somehow it would resolve the issue. Will keep track of this thread to see if anyone has any solutions to this, something I’m interested in too.