Forward renderer: any alternatives for World Normal in post process?

SceneTexture World normal doesn’t work when using the forward renderer, is there any alternatives to this node, or workarounds to be able to access the world normals of the scene?

Not that I’m aware of, during Epics OC3 talk on the state of UE4 they mentioned that artist will have to redo shaders that rely on the G-Buffer (as the forward renderer only does a depth prepass and doesn’t generate any other buffers)

Personally though I’m sure Epic will eventually adopt more of a hybrid approach like the one seen in Doom (2016) (see here). No idea when / if this will happen but to me it seems like the best of both worlds, of course someone from Epic will be better suited to actually comment on that.

closest to this ive gotten is using world position behind translucency, and ddx/ddy that result, cross product the ddx and ddy, and normalize. it see,s to shift around oddly, but if youre using it to mask the normals, it works fine. works on forward render & VR

is there anyway to see a blueprint example of this? The material world is confusing

Pretty sure what he was trying to say is this.;base64

Don’t know what he meant by “world position behind translucency” unless he was talking about the “Blendable Location” setting in the post process material.