Forward rendered decals on mobile

Decals on mobile were listed as one of the new features in the 4.9 update. Is that just using the deferred rendering path or is there any way for me to use them in forward rendering.



Yes, decals can be used in forward rendering, however they have certain limitations. They are unlit and support only translucent, stain(modulate) and emissive(additive) blend modes. Also ‘Receive Decals’ flag works only for skeletal meshes.


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Sure, go ahead

And they require MobileHDR as well.

Thanks for the reply. could you give me some more information on how to do this?

When I´m looking around the editor all I see are deferred decals

• The only actor I have available is a Deferred decal actor

• If I create a material then in the Material Domain dropdown I only see Deferred Decal

Looking at the documentation on decals it still states that they are only available for the deferred rendering path

Deferred decal actor (with deferred decal material) will work in both forward rendering and deferred rendering path.

You can start mobile preview in the editor (it uses forward rendering path) to see how deferred decals will look.