Forward lighting in 4.8 [Material Specific]

Just gave the forward lighting cvar a quick try. It’s so cool to see multiple specular highlights on translucent materials now!! It supports all light types, as well as source radius, just not source length for now. Still a huge step up for materials such as glass.

Agreed, it looks great.

Of course, you pretty much HAVE to use TAA to hide the instability, but I love it all the same!

Can you use forward lighting only on translucent and have everything else deferred lit or does it only work as a global switch currently?

@drone357: I think over time we’ll see more and more hybrid techniques.

@Legend286: The lighting model is changed per material hence only for the assigned objects.

How did you get this to work? I put r.ForwardLighting=True into my defaultEditor.ini file. Still look deferred because translucent sorting order is still non sorted.

I have never seen proper translucency sorting of concave translucent surfaces. Forward rendering doesn’t help with that.

It looking great!
Can I ask how you get it works? need change the defaultEditor.ini file? i did it, add r.ForwardLighting=True, nothing happend in the glass, it no highlights liek yours

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Open the ConsoleVariables.ini file in the 4.8/engine/config folder and add “r.ForwardLighting=1”.

In the material, change the “Blend Mode” to translucent and “Lighting Mode” to Surface PerPixel. Set “Base Color” and “Metallic” to 1, “Roughness” to 0.05 and “Opacity” to 0.3.