Forum Help & Request Thread Move

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I was searching how to get my thread moved and didn’t find. I was then searching for the forum help section and I didn’t find it either.

  • Do we need a forum help section? I don’t think we do but maybe we need a place where one can look up information about how to do something on the forum (maybe it’s there and I haven’t find it - if one is kind enough to lead me to it, it would be great)

  • Where do I ask to get my threadmoved? Is it even possible? I want the thread moved as soon as I have the MP team validation.

I didn’t know where to go so I thought I would make this a feedback.

GL HF in your projects everyone :slight_smile:

Threads can only be moved by a moderator to prevent a mess of redirects, so just message a mod we’ll help you out. PM me (or any other mod) with the link and the section you want it moved to when you’re ready.

We don’t really have a forum help section, there is the Code of Conduct which has a bit of info on things like images in signatures, but that’s about it right now.

Best thing to do is ask a moderator if you have a question. Are you already part of the UnrealSlackers Discord server? There is almost always a forum moderator online over there, feel free to message us anytime!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

I’ll make sure to use the appropriate means :slight_smile: