Forum "Blog" Section?

Hello everyone.

I’ll just cut right to the chase here, I was thinking about having a blog section in the community tab of the forums.

As most of you may know, blogging is a very simple and easy way to announce things and have regular discussions about various topics.

The thing is, some people (i.e. myself) can’t do the whole website thing.

I mean you’re running a WEBSITE, and some people might be a little apprehensive about what that entails.

Here’s how making a blogging section on the forums benefits users:

  1. Simplicity: You won’t be running a website, you’ll just have your own personal thread to contend with. There’s nothing big you need to do really. Plus it’s not a social media type site…so even people who have no idea what to do on those sites (i.e. me) can get into it.

  2. A Virtual Home: Think about how easy it would be to share announcements or stories on the thread. The first post can be a welcome post with each subsequent page being a story or announcement.

  3. Direct Access: Viewers with have easy, direct access to the “blogger” and the “blogger” with have easy access to the community. Harmony.

  4. Auto-Viewers: Most of us already know each other on here and if we don’t we’re very welcoming. This eliminates a need to introduce your “blog” of spread the word as you will already have people you know on the forums come check out what you are doing.

  5. Less about the project, more about you: I know some may disagree with this stating that we already have the “work in progress section” and whatnot, but a blog is different than an announcement area. Having a “blog” would allow you to get fully in touch, share thoughts and experiences, and make some friends without the feeling of needing to stay “on topic.” Of course, that’s not to say your game has no place in the blog…quite the opposite in fact.

Just to clarify the section would work the same as a regular forum section.

Each thread will be someone’s personal blog.

You subscribe to the blogs you like, that way if they get buried you’ll always know they put something up.

So what do you say guys?

Fancy having a place to easily connect and share without the stress of starting a website?

Having a blog is something I know many people want, but can’t get themselves to start because they don’t know what their getting into.
Make their lives a little less stressful and give them a chance to do it here, in a comfortable friendly environment.

Thanks for reading,


Nevermind … I re-read your post. 8-}

No problem at all.


It’s quite the interesting Idea!
I wonder If Epic would be up to doing it?

The only problem I could see is that we might need more mods. To keep the blogs clean. As they should abide by the forum rules aswell.

Oh yeah.

They’d probably need mods specifically for that section…


We’ve had the discussions in the past on blogs, and I think we’ve got some future functionality that may appease this need.

What all would you like to see in a developer blog?


not quite;), but I reckon we could cover another forum easy enough:)

umm, it might just be me but it seems one of those words is in the wrong place, feels wrong when I read it:p

That’s pretty much what we want. :slight_smile:

I hope you are!

It sounds southern to me. Is a southerner?

Thing is, the whole “forum” idea is outdated. Epic should create something new, like Google+ (Communities etc) where everything is in one place, not like now where you have Trello-Answerhub-Official site-Forums…

Have you ever tried to find something on Google+ … I mean if Google can’t even index their own community what hope do we have of trying to find stuff. 8-{

Haha, good to know!


Yeah, but the whole social media type design wouldn’t be accessable to everyone (i.e. me).

I can’t understand Google+ let alone use it.

The forum is accessible and easy.

That’s a good selling point actually…


Yeah, I concur.


Any chance you can sure some ideas?

I’m eager to hear what you guys had in mind.


What I’m saying is that I’d like to see EPIC scrap the answerhubs-trello-vbulletin forums, and build their own applications to handle these services.

Here’s an example.

Imagine when visiting your profile you had these sections:

  • Blog
    Your personal blog diary

  • Answers/Questions
    All your answers you have contributed or questions you’ve asked about any issues.

  • Marketplace items
    All the marketplace items you may be selling.

  • Games
    List of the game/s you have started/released, each game has it’s own custom made sections like:
    Screens, Update Log, mods etc

I could add more but you get the point now :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are some good ideas!
But, I think some devs wouldn’t want something like that. As for me, I prefer this setup. As I don’t like social media setups.
Maybe if they added some of those features, but kept everything the same. That would please everybody?

That’s actually a pretty good idea.

I think the only problem I can see is keeping it accessible.

As 94 said, it’s a bit hard to deal with a social media style setup if you don’t know social media.


Ha! I asked about this about a year ago.

Hopefully it gets followed up, some time soon.

I can’t agree with Errvald that Epic should scrap the existing framework and build their own. That’s just not what they do. My point was, at the time, that vBulletin have software for blogs that is already integrated into the forum software, so it should be relatively straightforward to add here.

I remember that thread!

It’s actually what got me to post this as it still wasn’t implemented and I felt people needed a reminder.

I had no idea vBulletin has a built in blog feature.

In that case, it should be rather easy to create a blog section on here.