Fortnite Level lighting setup?

Any chance someone from EPIC could shed a bit of light on the level lighting setup being used for Fortnite? I know there are a bunch of teams including us making games with Dynamic Day/Night cycles, it would be great to align our lighting solution with what the Fortnite team there is doing so we can benefit from your optimizations etc.

As shown in this video

Specific things I would like to know:

  • Pre-computed lighting, the Fortnite levels still have lightmaps being pre-computed with lightmass correct? What lighting state is being used for the pre-computed lighting? (I am currently baking our lighting at midday)
  • The main directional light is Movable, what settings are being used? What Cascade and Raytrace shadow settings?
  • Raytraced Ambient occlusion settings - Movable Skylight, again what settings are used?

This would be super helpful,


Uppercut Games

I think they are using fully dynamic lighting because the environment is destructible.
As to the lighting setup, i dont think that would help anyone since every game has it’s own requirements depending on art and performance.

As you can see in the video it is not using precomputed lighting, that’s because they need a dynamic TOD and they have movable objects.