Forest scene - sequencer

hi guys! i’ ve made this little scene, tell me what you think and what improvement can i make to this! thanks!


It is not a bad start at all.

Other than the obvious issues such as unpolished/unfinished animations on animals and other (also watch out floating eagle).
LOD Issues and other elements popping in and out.

I would say lookdev and lighting would need more work. Volumetrics are also too dominant in most areas, cutting them down to more subtle use would work better IMHO. Shaders on plants too uniform you could break them down and play around with more variation of green tones. The last framing has light over exposure mixed with strange saturation perhaps its a post effect gone wrong and exposure/light needs balancing + unnecessary amount of lens artifacts which is again post issues.

Water is too still, in a forest many things would disturb the water and create ripples on edges and middle areas because leaves and other particles are constantly dropping and disturbing the water.

Lastly I would add, avoid like the plague any “digital” camera movements such as the one you have going through some vines (unless you are simulating an insect flight which in this case is not) this kills the illusion of any intended immersion. watch documentary footage from Natgeo and study their camera work in forests. Research outside the digital field is very very important. For instance in real life you could prob never get so close to those animals to take that shot without the animals being disturbed or running away (I’m not saying this has to be like a documentary) but I hope you understand what I mean by immersion and selling the illusion to the audience, even in a game or a cinematic those small details would make the difference and help it stand out while making the player/audience feel that they matter and their presence lends weight to the world even if its through a third party camera.

All the best.

woah! thanks… there’s a lot of advices here :slight_smile: i will keep them in mind and improving my works! thank!!

tell me what you think