Forcing MIP on VT

Is there any way to force MIP on virtual textures (streaming/runtime) or make, so it’s updated based on scene capture 2d?

Basically I am trying to use scene capture 2d inside editor world (for capturing large level into world map chunks), but I have a problem with SVT, because they get captured at worst MIP.
Whenever viewport camera is near the texture, it loads because of feedback loop that updates the loaded pages and mapping, but it’s not a solution, since when rendering 16k ortho to 4k render target, the camera is so far away, it loads worsts MIPs once again.

I have tried disabling the feedback loop and manually loading pages for MIP 0, but they don’t seem to update on viewport (randomly a couple texture updates properly, but still it doesn’t work on RVT).

E.g. example, also tried doing this by material/texture.

  const ERHIFeatureLevel::Type InFeatureLevel = GMaxRHIFeatureLevel;
        [InFeatureLevel](FRHICommandListImmediate& RHICmdList)
            IRendererModule& RenderModule = GetRendererModule();
            RenderModule.RequestVirtualTextureTiles(FVector2D(8192, 8192), 0);

            RenderModule.LoadPendingVirtualTextureTiles(RHICmdList, InFeatureLevel);