Force movement replication [Help needed]


When I look on servers screen and with this done & My Client can’t move from postion where it was spawned. So when I try to move with client when I for e.g. press W he goes forward 1 meter and something pulls him back to position where it was spawned. And on Server acctually I can see that happening (goes forward for 1 m and being pulled back to position where it spawned).
These images are the only problem tested it out. Its like server is recieving only position where did it spawn and doesnt change. So when i go forward, when server multicast does its thing it thinks client is in spawn position maybe… I DONT KNOW That’s why I am asking someone Who is better than me
-I am like trying to figure this out for 2-3 days but I can’t find anything helpful :stuck_out_tongue:

You do not need to add special networking code to get a client player to move, here is my blueprint for my movement:

You need to go to your player’s main component (self), and enable replication, and likely check the ‘Replicate Movement’ box.

Hi Jamendxman3, Its easy when you use input I know that, but in my case I am using Force to move I cant switch it to movement input, using force to move is perfect for stuff I want to accomplish, I need to go in way I am already going :stuck_out_tongue:
Note : I am using custom pawn.

May I ask why you are using force? You did say that you use the W key, so I am curious. There also may be a better way to accomplish what you want to do.

Hi thanks for response again, I am using force because I want player to have friction, so like he is on ice, I would use movement input and try to make friction in some other way, but in custom pawns add movement input is not going to work :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the CharacterMovement component does have the friction option, what prompted you to use a custom pawn?

I dont know, I was trying something with Character didnt work and I started watching video series of one project which lead me to the custom pawn :stuck_out_tongue: But I will try to re-create everything again :stuck_out_tongue: I am just curious why is this not working :stuck_out_tongue:
But anyways thanks, I think I am going to re-create everything :’(
If anyone has solution for my question up there reply :slight_smile: