Force Field Shader Question

So I’ve started making my own force field shader and have gotten to what is my last step and I’m now stuck.

This video shows what I want to achieve:

The picture I’ve attached is what my force field looks like so far. Basically everything is perfect except the animated hex patterns. I’ve tried using the panner but that actually moves the texture instead of the light. How would you go about animating the light instead of the patterns?

See this: UDK - Shield Effect - YouTube

And download (UDK):

Time to download UDK I guess lol.

Wow, thanks for the reference! That video is really impressive, I’ll have to go redownload UDK and give that a shot!

EDIT before posting because the thread was deleted while I was typing the above:

Please don’t delete a thread once you’ve found the answer. The point of a forum is that one person can ask, many people can answer, and many others can benefit from the solution already being posted.

I personally was looking for a solution like this as well. It’s a cool idea but not one that’s always immediately apparent how to implement, so having reference material and a place to discuss it is a great boon.

+1000000 on this. Dont know why people do that. :confused:

Oh, sorry guys. First time I’ve ever deleted a thread. Anyway, the solution to the lighting animation wasn’t as hard as I had imagined and I honestly wish I had figured it out on my own since I was so close. I got extremely close on my own without help so I’m kind of bummed. Thanks for the link, though.

This is what I had before I posted this thread

I’m curious, would anybody care to explain how those shield damage ripples work for those of us too lazy to install UDK?

I’m guessing each ripple is a new sphere with a mostly transparent (apart from the ripple itself) material on top of the original, that’s the only way I can think of doing it.

Turns out I’m still having some issues that I can’t figure out. I’ve attached two photos of said problem. Basically this group of nodes is what’s responsible for creating the light animation I was looking at earlier.
My problem is that it works in UDK but not UE4. In UE4, the sine node just basically pulses/fades in and out whereas in UDK it does the proper animation. Any one know why there’s a difference?

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out.

So I have one last issue to iron out but I can’t seem to figure out how to fix it. Basically the shader isn’t visible if you scale the sphere up past a certain point.
I’ve uploaded a video and attached a picture of what I think is the issue, which is the object position/world position nodes. They are integral to making the pulse work, but they’re also responsible for this issue I’m having.