Force Feedback plays on packaged game...sometimes

Hello Everyone!

Soo this is a strange event happening here. I have a simple Client Play Force Feedback here

			APlayerController *PC = Cast<APlayerController>(MyPawn->GetController());
			if (PC)
				PC->ClientPlayForceFeedback(WeaponConfig.RecoilFeedback, false, false, "");

In Editor, Everything works fine right away. However, on a packaged game, the force feedback stops working… at least until I keep firing the weapon for about a minute and then the force feedback will work.

I’m not 100% sure why this is happening. I was curious if anyone has ran into this issue and has a solution?

We have exactly the same problem here, in editor no problem, but when we package, we have to wait like 30/60 sec to have the vibration.
The strange thing is, the delayed vibration are playing after 30 sec. he dont forget the input send to vibrate.
We didn’t find the solution for the moment.
If anyone have a solution, we will be glad to hear it.

I’m starting to think this may be a problem with SteamVR. I’ve had similar problems across a couple versions of UE4. If you could all let me know what you’re using for controllers, we might be able to narrow down the problem. I’m using the HTC Vive.