Force an object to be rendered in front or behind?

I know there are some ways to use the custom buffers and stencils in some clever ways but I don’t think they’ll help me in my case.

I’ve got a ground plane which is just a flat metallic material. Over this i want to place some other dynamic objects at a tangent to the ground (roughly) - some of these objects will exist ‘below’ this plane, but I want to be able to see them as if the objects are rendering over a backplate (the objects are basically labels, but they’re geometry, not UMGs) - I want them fully rendered, not just sobel edges or the like.

Is there a way to make the prevent the ground plane from intersecting with the objects in front?


Ah - nice.

I was about to give up but added a pixel depth offset to my ground plane material which has nicely just made it work!