for VR

So last night I purchased the grass package from , and to hopefully save people $30 or so… don’t buy it, the grass is horrible looking in VR. It’s 2 billboards that are intersecting with transparency maps. Completely unusable :\

isnt that the “problem” for all grass solutions then? … i got pretty neat looking grass but with the Rift you’ ll see what it is: just planes with textures

There are ways to get good foliage by designing each “piece” as a separate plane, and then bending the edges inwards (so it looks like an actual 3D mesh)… it’s a bit more expensive since your working with each blade of grass rather than a “clump” of grass, but it’s doable without getting too bad.

I’m hoping that Turf effects from Nvidia will help solve this… if not, I may just do it myself and release it for $5.00 or something.

extreme expensive, you ll end up with millions of tris for some squaremeters of grass, maybe works as part of a lod for very closeups


You need to import 3D models and billboards. The grass pack might have scaled down models, but the assets I’ve purchased are 3d modeled blades of grass, not planes.

I’ll do the both option, but during import, I imported only 3d models, and; yea.


So, we went ahead and added some hero level grass to the grass package. We’ve added hero grass (that’s fun to say) to several of the different models. It will be more expensive since each blade is a mesh, but for VR applications where better grass is required this might do the trick for you. Simply redownload from the store to get the new models. Hope this helps!

Will do, ty