For Loop in blueprint doesn't repeat Particle Events

Hello, I am in a spot of bother with a For Loop particle Blueprint!
I am trying to repeat my Particle System across my scene in a square! To do this I have this blueprint set up using For Loops!
PARTICLEBP1.PNGSo as you can see it loops once and then off of that loop it then loops again to create my grid of particle systems!! That is where the problem begins!!!
The very first Particle system that the blueprint creates works perfectly! The first emitter plays and the rain falls wonderfully! When it hits the ground it collides, dies and then the second emitter plays at its death location and voila! The rain hits the ground and explodes like rain should!

However, if you watch this second video the event does not carry across with the duplication of the particle. I have tested and found that rain still collides but it doesn’t trigger the event to play the rain splash.

I even tried setting this up with the rain splash as it’s own Particle system.
But I just had the same problem. It was only working in the first square of the grid.

Is there any way to jury-rigged the blueprint to play the event in every looped particle system? Thanks!


How is it duplicated ? And what does the particle looks like ?
It might be related to things that are not in those screenshots. You’re using construction script so are you duplicating the entire blueprint ?
Does your emitter loop indefinitly ?

Also you have attached 4 times the same image

I tried to reproduce this with what you’re showing, using the default fire particle and it works. So we might need more info

Have a good day !