For god sake fix the freaking answershub site

As if the “logging you in” thing on every request wasn’t enough now you often get an authentication error forcing you to re launch the request.

Come on Epic, I don’t really understand what’s wrong with your web developers.

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Answerhub has been migrated here into the forums - you can learn more here! Is it something with the migration that is causing you problems?

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I will try to explain it to you as simple as possible.
When you migrate web content you need to tell search engines about the new URLs, AKA HTTP 301 response codes.
As you guys never did it google keeps returning answerhub links.
Even assuming all the old content is now here, it’s not really practical to find, specially with an internal search engine that is not powerful enough.

There are still some WIP aspects of the migration. The content and data has been transferred but it is still being properly linked, some of it is still being re-processed, and some are still being sorted into their appropriate, eventual permanent homes. It was a massive move that is requiring some extra steps internally that should be addressed shortly, but I will keep you updated about changes as they come.

Getting answers from a RRPP about technical issues is even more frustrating than not receiving answers at all.
Just saying :japanese_goblin: