For all Modders please read this is for user support !!!

Hello Mod community,

I had a nice Idea and i hope you like it !
To show the mod users that the mod they want to Download is Stackable or not i want to introduce a LOGO !

good.png For Mods that don´t touch any Coredata. All items and features are additional and they work with every new version of Ark.
13ff4b12da6368e07da2d22f68b1b3eca35e9773.png For Mods that have changed some Coredata or added some Remap, please wright in moddiscription what coredata are changed. Could need updates every Ark update.
bad.png For Mods that completely changed the Coredata of Ark. Like stand alone mods.

If every Modder made the right symbol in a corner of the Mod Picture the Users know what they need to expect.

I love the idea !

If my mod eventually get past my brains, I will do that :slight_smile:

I’m happy to get on board.

Cool idea. Makes it easy to choose mods :slight_smile:

nice idea. Where does the logo go? In the top right corner of your Steam mod image?

I would prefer th left top corner, cause i made the icon for that corner but you can reflect it and use the right corner too

Great idea, done this to my MOD!

These descriptions don’t really make sense to me. My Mod has changed a lot of core data. It has never needed an update when a new version of Ark is released.

it is about how you changed the core data. Have you changed it with funktions like Remap_XXX and Additional_XXX ?
And the most importent … did you changes make problems with other Mods ?

For example !

I made a Mod where you can smith new items in the smithy. Now your Mod have another smithy in it and now my item engrams are not in there … so its not 100% stackable

well the icon are good and all but the description are already here.


I will do so :slight_smile:

I like this idea but it seems like the yellow and green logos are very similar, at least on my display anyway. I think the green could be more green.

Omg… your right i change it

If your changes affects only small parts of core data like structures only, then yellow, if it affects structures, items, engrams, playerpawn then red meaning standalone… Yours sounds like red.

I think the Project P.E.W discription is one of the best for what i mean

I like the idea, but the descriptions still don’t make any sense. Why would a mod be red if it changes the things you outline, but does not need any updating when new versions of ARK are released?

As I said, my mod EXTENSIVELY changes core data. It’s never had a single thing broken with a new ARK update. All new items in new versions of ARK are available and work, even though the mod is cooked with an older version. This should be a green rating, not a red.

You are focusing on the wrong things. It’s not WHAT is changed, it’s HOW it is changed and if it conflicts with the core application or not. We have the tools to make core data changes work with the vanilla game, but not every mod is doing that.

Furthermore, the whole idea of how well it stacks with other mods is another **separate **issue. You can’t lump that into the 3 ratings for how it merges with the core application.

Can’t support this lol.

Its because other Stackable Mods could not work with yours because of the massiv changes

because the color is mean for people who don’t have the mod already?

so if you add a red mod, you will only be able to add green after, or maybe some yellow if they touch something that the red mod did not changed.
and so with red mod, if you want to have all the thing working at start, you need a clear save. for a green one you don’t need the clean save since it only add new content.

for server admin, it is more important to know if they will need to wipe or not, and if the new mod will be compatible with another one that they like.

statera vis for example is a red mod, dino overhaul is yellow, and aku shima is green.

why :
statera : modify all the vanilla item, if you load it on existing save with already build base/tamed dino, what is already in the game will not have the same value as what you will add after. for example a wall placed before installing the mod will not have the new health of the wall.

dino overhaul : modify only the dino, it will stack with any mod that don’t modify the dino, but will need a clean save since the new dino will not replace existing one.

aku shima : only add new items in the game, will stack with any mod, don’t need a new save since it don’t modify vanilla item.

all these mod will more or less work with new update of ark, the green one is sure to work without update, the yelow and red can cause issue with ark update and may need an update to clear the issue.(can be none or only small thing like new item not working, or bigger)

so yeah the PEW is a good ranking. the ranking is not for the modder, it is for the server admin :wink:

@exilog : your icons are good it is clearer to see an image for people to understand if they see a red icon they will know they could have issue, maybe just edit you first post with the description of PEW in place of your’s (yeah i prefer pew description :x) ? :stuck_out_tongue: and ask sina to sticky if he can :stuck_out_tongue:

We as Modders, should all support this concept.

Awesome concept Exilog I like this idea. I can support this 100%.

I would suggest detailing the descriptions of the 3 categories in the original post so people are clued in whether they view this thread or another one. Consistency is key.

I have included your puzzle piece concept on my mod (link in my signature).

Thanks for your input and good work.