For a scenecapture actor, is there a way to get "HDR with Post Process"?


I already asked this question in the forums but had no satisfying answer.
So I’m here.

For a scenecapture actor, under “SceneCapture”, you have 2 options:

  • HDR - e.g. a copy of the camera view, same quality, same postprocess effects applied, with no possibilities to “overwrite” them by activating and tweaking the postprocess settings of the scenecapture actor (it does nothing).

  • LDR with Post Process - e.g. this time, you can modify postprocess effects of the cam view and apply others BUT the whole render is much lower quality (colours are modified, image is very grainy). See this post where I made it obvious: Much lower quality of LDR vs HDR in Render Target. - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums (see also the solution a user suggested but which doesn’t work).

So, ideally, it would be great to have a third option, which would be “HDR with post process”, something combining the quality of the HDR render and the ability to tweak post process effects.

Currently, there is nothing like this third option but maybe you could make it by modifiing a piece of code.

So my question is: what should I change in source code to get something like a “HDR with post process” option?



Interested in this question too!