Footsteps In Snow - Landscape Tessellation Clipping Causing Issues

Hey folks,

I managed to toss together this neat little effect:


The only issue - the tessellation edge-of-screen clipping is causing issues when the camera looks at a glancing angle toward the ground. Note that, in order to get the player to walk through snow rather than on top of it, the whole landscape is displaced up and the footsteps just mask out that displacement. Anyone have any ideas how I could solve the tessellation issue?

Best regards,
Damir H.

Try increasing the Max Displacement value to something a little over the maximum units of your displacement (so if your displacement raises for 50 units, set it to a little over that like 51+).

Sorry, I am not sure I follow - what Max Displacement?

Uncheck adaptive tessellation. I had the same problem on my lava landscape.


Ah, I never saw that. Thanks I will give it a go. Disabling adaptive tessellation fixed it though albeit it introduced a different sort of jitter. Needs a bit more polish but I think I’m on the right track. Thanks everyone.