Footprints - Local

Is there anyway to make the character step on a local (snow, sand, grass) and show only the footprints when he step these locations?

PS: The character footprints don’t appear at the begginer of the game, just when he step on the snow, sand, etc. After this, like the snow, when step on the ground (grass, wood, etc), the footprints show up and disapear after 5 seconds.

You can use a Physical Material to achieve this. Just get the Physical Material from your Trace Hit and Switch over it.

I already have it, but doesn’t work. =3

Show your code

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in this tutorial you will learn how to play different footstep sounds on different surfaces(Wood, metal…) using physical materials . you can do the same and spawn decals instead of sounds :)))))) [][1]


love you! =)

me too :))

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If you can help me on another bug… When I try to climb a ledge with character, he climb 2 times on the edge instead 1. the movement repeat. What can it be?

do you use a climbing animation? maybe your animation is looping.

how is your climbing system?

Yes and montage.



yes… hahaha

Doesn’t have a return value on montage is playing… Didn’t work the montage =/… Still the same thing.

I am not sure but check to see if a montage is playing or no before playing it like so:

we are discussing about animations in a post about foorprint :))))

does that animation play for the second time immediately after the first time?

I am sure that that boolean which you set as rule to play animation is set to true twice.

do you use a collision box or something to determine when to climb?

maybe your character overlaps twice and plays animation twice.

it is too complex to guess what is going on there.

I don’t have anymore idea.

you must see what is responsible to play animation and disable that in a way that never can response (disabling collision or…)

I do not know I admit (0_0)

Yes. Immediately after the first time.
I’m using sphere tracer (collision).


It was twice animation =)

  • Wall climb + montage - … hahaha

Now I’m trying to recover animations back to normal when the character climb a ledge. xD

Big Like :))

=)… Just work when I press S (the button that make character loose the edge)… I’m trying to do something like movements (right, left, forward, backward)… Its so hard… haha