Footprint System


I have submitted my Footprint System to Epic.

It is an easy to use and modifiable System which spawns Footprint Decals on certain Ground Types and also Changes the state of your feet.
So running through Mud spawns Footprints on the Mud and make your feet Muddy.
When you walk outside the Mud, Muddy Footprints will be spawned and it will take a certain amount of Steps until your feet are clean again.
There are currently 6 Basic Footprint Types and 5 different States as examples in this Submission. You Feet can be Clean, Muddy, Wet, Bloody or Sandy and be the Footprints of 2 Shoes, 3 Animals or Barefoot. Some Basic sounds also have been added.
You can add new Footprint Types and diffrent kind of States to this System to have somthing suited for your project.

Down below is a Video and screenshots showing off the System, the Video is explaining how to use this System in your project.

Have you got any Questions? Feel free to ask :slight_smile:



Wet Footprints

Bloody Footprints

awesome work!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Neat idea!

there is allready a tutorial for this and it’s very easy for the ones who want to follow it but if you want something allready made i guess you can buy it

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well obviously if you are doing Blueprint stuff there are tons of tutorials out there and you always *could *do everything by yourself, but thats the point of the marketplace isn’t it? To provide fast content where you pay a few bucks to instantly get your desired Feature. :slight_smile:
I feel that its a tiny bit disrespectful to post a Tutorial of something similar into a submission where I put a lot of work inside to make it a nice and easy to use System. I am not posting some Tutorials of Rock tutorials inside Asset packs of Rocks, or posting Save and Load Tutorials on a Save and Load submission, which for example is already on the marketplace.

I myself have done quite a lot of Free Tutorials (although in german) as you can see in my signature. :slight_smile:

Oh very nice, I can see myself grabbing this off the store!

I’ll keep an eye out for it’s release, nice work! :slight_smile:

well i wasn’t disrespectful and you shoudn’t go so agresive on me just for adding a video here , i was only telling you that a system like this is allready in the forums so instead of beeing agresive you should provide reasons and show us why your system is better many from this forums didn’t knew about this tutorial . For example i made the same thing with Allar’s generic shooter and i said that as long as he gives more he wins more and he did and he explained everything and how his system is better than what you find in a tutorial and even I buyed his sytem . I feel that making a system that it’s identical to a tutorial it’s like a money grab but that’s just my opinion on this sry if you consider me beeing disrespectfuli removed the video

I wasn’t trying to be agressive towards you. :slight_smile:

Well firstly I wasn’t aware that there was any kind of tutorial out there that added something Footprints already.
The special thing about my Submission is that it is very easy to use and modify. I took a long time to optimize the workflow to be needing just a few klicks to add new variations. Everything is stored neatly in DataTables and Enums to guarantee a easy overview over everything and quick usage. I might also be able to add some more Footprint Decals to give more variations from the start, got a few more in the makings. :slight_smile:

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

that’s very nice , maybe you could try a 3d footprint also or something in the snow and maybe add some sounds with it also there are allot of ideas to go with this , hope to see nice updates :smiley:

A splash particle + sound effect when stepping in a puddle with a wet footprint residue afterwards would be amazing. Also, quick question: why is the footprint black when you step in the sand for the first time? Wouldn’t you just be displacing the sand itself by the pressure of your foot? Not saying you need to add displacement for a footstep, but wouldn’t it just still be sand? Maybe a little imprint that’s more sand colored and less like you had coal on your feet?

Good ideas :slight_smile:

I might be able to add that without any problems :slight_smile:
To your question about the black footprint. Its not possible to have Decals with Displacement Maps, so they currently only got Normal Maps and Opacity in Sand/Mud. It just might look black at first, but its actually just the shadows created by the normal map, where I am also quite unsure why it sometimes looks darker that other times, but I think thats an issue with decals itself. But I can try to modify the Materials to also have Diffuse Information to look less black, have to experiement a bit with it. :slight_smile:

Will blood and water footprints be possibly included? Also, do you know what price you are selling this for? Sorry if I missed it somewhere above, I couldn’t see it

Sure, great suggestion, that shouldn’t be a much of a problem to include wet and bloody footprints at the release of this package. In the meantime I added 2 new Animal and 1 new Shoe type and also sounds have been added, but bloody and wet footprints should be next. :slight_smile:
I have set the price around 10$ for the moment, will definetly not get higher than that.

Can you change the appears for the prints?

You pretty much just using a generic boot bottom for the shoes, and not ever shoes use a combat bottomed sole

You can add and remove any prints you want, for your own Project. These are only Examples I provide. Currently 1 Barefoot, 2 Shoe types (1 Military, 1 Normal) and 3 different animal types. (more might come in the future)
But adding your own should be pretty easy.

Water footprints would make this an instant buy for me.

Water footprints are currently in the works. Everything is basicly setup for it, just have to tweek the master material and its values to make it look good. :slight_smile:

Added more Screenshots. One of them showing off the Wet-Footprints and one screen with the new bloody Footprints.

Yeah nice, I’m keen!