Font Outline

I’ve been trying desperately to create a scaleable white font with a black outline for a HUD.

I’ve looked at countless threads (Most are old, from over a year ago).

My issues are as follows:

  • Fonts that “Scale” in UMG look like garbage in comparison to Offline Fonts with Distance Field.
  • I cannot find a way to outline a font with UMG, some methods (for example writing the font in white, then creating it in black and offsetting) exist but they reduce UI development to a CRAWL.
  • Scalable text works fine if you do your UI Design in Graph but turns UI development into a headache.

Am I going about this wrong? It feels like adding an outline to a font should be a simple transformation and yet I can find no way to do so.

I am bothered by the same problem. :frowning: Have you found any method now?