Font Glitches

using TextRendeor actor in the game , was showing fine in the editor but in the client was showing bars , so i read online and found that this problem is caused because of material and font not present in the game folder so i copied it to the game folder but now it shows like this :

IN the Editor :

After packaging and opening the .exe :

Any help would be appreciated !

HI TheTrice -

I have seen this issue before but have never been able to reproduce this internally. Can you be very precise in how you packaged your project? What were the settings that you used? Beside changing the color of the Text Render Actor (it defaults to a blue) did you do anything else to it in the Third Person Example Content Map?

I will start to try to reproduce this issue again, but am looking forward to your answers.

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

Hi The Thrice -

After some continued investigation we have identified the possible cause of this issue and are working on a possible correction, for reference UE-17577. In C++ Terms it looks like the Text Render Component is causing the UFont::PostLoad to be called before UFont::Serialize which causes many default values to be saved instead of the set values. As we continue working on the issue I will keep you informed here.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum