Following the 2D Sidescroller tutorial, I have a perfect pixel art character. If I quit the editor and re-load the character is all blurry!

I’m following [part 1 of the 2D Sidescroller tutorial][1]. Everything is going great up through minute 24. I’ve imported sprites, created my character, setup the orthographic camera correctly, resized my ‘play-in-editor’ window size, etc. I click play and everything looks perfect. I see my pixel character exactly how I’d expect it to look. The pixels are clear as expected.

Now at this point I save and quit the editor, reload my project, click play… and see a blurry character! I don’t know how to explain this. All of the settings are the same. I even went through the entire thing twice in a row and reproduced this behavior. Everything looks perfect when I first set it up, but then I quit and reload and things look bad. Here’s a image that I made based on the original look (left) and then how it looks after I reload:


I can’t figure out what is happening here, and it’s a major frustration. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: I’ve tested this on Windows and OSX now and I’m seeing the same exact problem on both platforms.

I’ve figured out that Post Processing was causing my issue. I’m not sure why I didn’t see it in the editor prior to quitting and restarting, but adding an unbounded Post Process Volume that removed all post-process effects fixed the issue. Specifically turning off anti-aliasing did the trick.