Foliage Wind Lag

Hi there i have strange problem with project - foliage with wind effect lags :frowning: - i switched version to 4.25 from 4.23…

It not happen in new projects:( As you see the asset works perfect in content browser.

  • tried to remove effects / lights - no success i have large landscape with alot of components with world composition (if matters) but i removed 95% of map and that didn’t fix problem
    Please help

EDIT: Guys i found this issue it’s based on distance in world composition … i used tropical jungle pack assets from this month free content . If anyone can check grass assets and inform it happen to you please answer thx…


Please try to do following steps:

Open the grass Material Instances, then tweak the parameter “Wind Gust World Scale” to 1000 or whatever you like.

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