Foliage Wall paint wont Work

Hey guys so here’s my problem
Bought the post apocalyptic pack there are some nice Ivys which should hang on the walls of the building
Problem is if i put them into the Foliage it let me paint floors on the ground but wont let me paint walls with it even drag and drop at a wall wont work
Know how to solve the problem ??

Have you enabled painting on static meshes/BSP?

If so, check your settings, specifically ‘ground slope’.

What happens when you drag and drop them on a wall? + make sure that you use a high density in your foilage tool :slight_smile:

If i drag and drop it dont work either

And yes i enabled drawing on BSP and static meshes

Yep, but what happens? -> disappears, spawns at the wrong location,…you cant see it in the scene outliner?

The ground Slope Angle worked thanks men <3