Foliage Vs Static Mesh Samsung Gear VR

I want to make a simple game with a low poly forest like scene. At first i was sure foliage was the way to go but i get weird stuttering on the Gear VR when turning around, is like a low refresh in half the eye in the direction opposite to the turn. I thought it was the number of draw calls so i discarded the scene and made a new one with static meshes. I get no stuttering on this one but when i see the whole scene form a corner of the map i get some normal rendering lag, this i know is from draw calls for sure.

So i used the Stat SceneRendering to check for the load of draw calls on the static mesh Vs the foliage one, and clearly i get half the draw calls form the foliage one (230 static mesh, 120 foliage) So why em i getting that poor performance with foliage on a samsung S6?

I LOD every mesh and use culling distance on the foliage, baked my static directional and skylight, turned off all post-process.

Is there something am doing wrong?