Foliage ver 4.7 preview 4

I found this bug, and i know where its a problem, after some test

description of the problem

After update from preview 3 to preview 4, my all project created in ver. “preview 3” where i use my foliage pack not working, i have crash on load level, all time

my resolve this

1/ i delete my foliage files (all files) from content,
2/ project loading without problems

next steps, i start searching problem

1/ its not a my foliag files 100 %, i used this files from version 4.4 without problem
2/ i try change smth in foliage edit window (ctrl+4) by replacing (another foliage, object) after this i have crash, all the time,


1/ i delete all my empty meshes windows in foliage editor (ctrl+4), its a empty meshes, becouse i delete files
2/ i copy my deletet files with my foliage again to the content
3/ i start add my foliage to the foliage editor (ctrl+4), crash again !!!

THIS means my files witch foliage its good, becouse no matter what i wanna use in foliage editor its crashing

after update from ver3 to ver4, we have serious problem with foliage, please look on this

i give you files from crashlink text

1/ first log its from crash on open project after update

2/ secound log its from editor (after deleting content files with foliage) in moment when i try replace old meshes on some another mesh , all time crash in foliage editor,

meybe its help resolve this problem in future :((, for next Beta test :stuck_out_tongue:

New blank project this same, crash on foliage add to landscape !!!


Thank you for taking the time to report this. This is a known issue that was mentioned in our forums when we released the 4.7 Preview 4. A fix has already been submitted for this, but may not be in until the next Preview release.

Make sure to follow any updates and known issues that are being resolved in this forum thread: Unreal Engine 4.7 Preview - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thank you!


Thanks for answer and link