Foliage Ugly Shading - Bright or Dark in Weird Places

Hello! This is my last resort…

I have a forest scene using megascans for the foliage. The foliage (especially the grass) in my scene has a shading problem.


Maybe I should note that this particular screenshot is in a shady area. But the problem persists even in the direct sunlight

I’ve included screenshots of all my settings for the mesh, material, light, skylight, foliage tool, etc., as well as screenshots of the above view with different viewing settings. The thing that jumps out to me the most is the shading on the Lighting Only view, especially the difference in Play Mode and in Edit Mode. (The picture on the top is in Edit Mode, and the one on the bottom is after I hit Play)


I also included pictures of a test I did that shows the grass in shadow and light with different lighting settings, with instanced foliage and with static mesh.

There are 20 photos total with specific notes/names on every one of them. I’ve tried to be as specific and detailed as I can through the pictures.

Thank you in advance. I’ve been trying to fix this for several days and can’t find anything on the forums that helps with this.

Thanks, but it still doesn’t fix the spotty black areas. Here is a picture of my translucency multiplied at a higher value (any more and it turns neon and obviously too much!)