Foliage trees not visible in orthographic view and orthographic scene capture


I’m encountering a strange bug where foliage is not visible in my orthographic scene capture.
It’s ok in perspective view, but not in orthographic view.

What’s strange here is that some foliage is showing correct (Grass and small bushes), but the larger foliage isn’t.
I tried lots of things (changing LOD settings in the console settings for example, and remove LODs completely), but none of my attempts seem to work.
I even tried different engine versions (4.16 and 4.24), but both show the same behavior.

The trees do work if I just place them as static meshes, but when they appear in the foliage, they won’t show.

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix that? I would really want my trees to show up in my top-down render.

Below the output of the scene capture 2d component, both in ortho and perspective view.
Please note that this behavior can also be observed in the regular viewport in top view. My foliage is then also not visible (Trees only)

Orthographic view:

Perspective view:

Anyone? This is blocking me quite a lot :frowning:

Could be a LOT of things.
Fist - are you using billboards at a distance? If so, are the billboards even visible when overhead?
Second - Are you forcing LODs when capturing?

Third - It seems that currently the latest engine version is bugged.
For me - the instances aren’t showing up at all IF they pop up within the shadow of another tree. to be precise it’s not even the shadow. I think it’s the radius value being set in the brush or something similar to that.

The foliage checkbox in the Advanced Show Flags definitely works - it does enable/disable and render/not render the foliage that works. The problem is that Not all foliage works.

I think maybe Simple Collision has something to do with it. A mesh with it doesn’t render for me, whereas another without renders. up to a point at least. Clicking several instances of it seems to make them all not render.

Then again, if I add 7 instances of the same foliage to the same part that’s being captured they all seem to disappear, so perhaps the Actor Instancing for the foliage is functioning incorrectly in .24

I think this needs a bug report - just not sure what to do in order to give them something reproducible…

Thanks for the intensive testing. I was actually using 4.16 when I first noticed this, and tried it on 4.24 because I thought it might be a 4.16 bug. So this bug is in there for a long time already.

I’ll have a look at the simple collision setting you mentioned, and see if I can also reproduce this. I tried removing all LODs to see if that helped, and I tried forcing the LODs to a specific level, but both didnt work.

Interesting! I noticed the circle as well in the orthographic view. I’ll play around with this!

Im also wondering if this is an editor only bug, so I’ll try to see what happens during a game.

Thanks again for the help, much appreciated!

Maybe it have simple solution. Did you tried to show (Foliage Types => Show all) with orthographic view on ?

Yeah that’s all turned on. The weird thing is that some foliage is visible in orthographic view (in the screenshot its visible in a circle). It looks like the brush radius that was hinted before, so I’ll investigate that first.

I’ll post a gif shortly,
it’s pretty funny, as you paint instances others disappear…

I was thinking, I know this for a fact, it worked somewhat fine in .21, possibly even 19 up to .21
Back then I was still messing around with my ocean shore algorithm and I had created a scene capture tiling system. Results from that system had trees in it until I disabled the foliage checkbox on the capture.
the script was also forcing lod1 at the end, r.forcelod=1 via command node by the end - which solved the whole issues I was using tiling for…

Here is a sample GIF

I believe the reason for this happening is an actor change by the foliage system. Hard to track down though.

The same area (different camera height due to non ortho view)

Grass/procedural stuff is still visible.
I wanted to create trees with the other system, the procedural area one, rather then the foliage tool. Might test later on with that.
IF my guess about the foliage system changing actor is correct, then the procedural way of spawning them in shouldn’t have the same bug…