Foliage Tool on BSP not working?


I’ve got a problem to use a Foliage Tool in BSP (all screenshots below). Its very strange because i can use a tool inside of building (when BSP is in horizontal position), but i CANNOT use a tool when is in vertical position (wall etc.) I have selected a static meshes checkbox (look on SS), and i really don’t know why it doesn’t work. One think - I can put something from tool on window but no on BSP(wall on that SS).

Anybody know what is going on ? UE4 4.11.2


Really anybody dont know where is the issue?

Hi Vesyz,

You need to select the instance in your Foliage Tool that you want to paint and change the Ground Slope Angle for the Max Value. Set this to 90 for a vertical surface or 180 to be able to paint in any direction.

Thanks a lot! I spend a lot of time to find out how to resolve that! Thanks a lot again! :slight_smile: