Foliage Tool Help

I’ve got a bunch of trees to populate an area. I’m having issues with collision however, as static meshes the collision mesh is being recognized but when used with the foliage tool I cannot get the collision to be applied. I have searched in the static mesh settings, all the foliage tool settings and cannot find any solution. In UDK it was a simple check box in the foliage tool settings, if anyone has a solution please help!

I have yet to completely play with foliage however just looking over the free content and understanding the tools I do so far. I would guess all the foliage tool is doing is placing down models. So when you import a model in you define its properties, not in the foliage editor.

Just find the model you are using in the content browser and dbl click it.
Then click on the show collision along the top - if there is a collision box for it, it will show up. If there is none along the top you can click collision and then how many sides of a simple box collision do you wish to add. Or on the right collision complexity choose use complex collision as simple. Warning that is a 1:1 collision box and pulls more on the engines budget, if I can I do the first method and on more complex objects that require it the second method.

@OSIAS Thanks, the model definitely has collision, it shows up in the static mesh properties. When I place the model as a static mesh in the level the collision works as expected. But when using the same static mesh in the foliage tool, the collision mesh isn’t being recognized.

IIRC collisions are not yet supported by the foliage tool. I didn’t have the time right now to search for the thread where this was mentioned but i’ll hand it in later.

According to this answer, Chris.R is correct and collisions are not yet supported by foliage.
I’m in the same boat as TannerLambo and I’m wondering if I should wait for the foliage collision support, or if I should be placing the trees manually (would they instance properly for a dense forest?)

In the old Unreal forums there was a post about this, that included a script to fix the issue. I can’t find it myself but someone else could do the looking.

Looks like you got your answer there might be another alternative. I believe you can do this, not sure yet because I have yet to start in on blueprints. But couldn’t you make a blueprint randomizer with your models in question and do it that way?

Till they fix the tool that is, the more I learn the more I find a lot of little things in the build that need finalizing or fixing.