Foliage Tool - Categories folders

Small request. Please consider adding folders to foliage tool, which would group meshes that are added for painting.
When you have more than 7 meshes in tool (!) it really becoming hard to track what you have.

Double click on folder should select all meshes that are contained within it.

Arrow on the left side would expand content of the folder.

Consider adding option that only one folder at time can be open (when you open new folder, old is closed).

Selecting multiple meshes from multiple folders should be possible.

I know you can collapse settings, but this only get so far, when you have mixed foliage with, stones, and other mass use props.

It’s bit unrelated, but also please add search box to tool :wink:

Hello Lukasz,

We have put in a request for this feature. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • Adam

Any news on this?

@Adam - got 2 years in the making on this feature request - any news?