Foliage taking up a massive amount of resources even after being culled


We are working on a large 8k map with a lot of foliage. The problem we are running into is that despite foliage getting culled, it’s still taking up a huge amount of performance. For example, looking towards a forest even though everything has been culled and only the landscape is visible, we are getting 10-15fps while up close in the forest we are in the 60s.

This is really bothersome and the closest i have been able to find another post about this is seemingly for UDK (Improving the foliage tool performance).

We are using 4.20.3. I’m still doing some tests so i will update the thread as i go. Hopefully someone here has an idea about how to solve this.


use the built in debugging options or a third party profiling app to see if its indeed the foliage that is the problem.

i have done large terrain in the past and found that a lot more things take up resources like planar reflection, landscape material, volumetric fog, etc

do you have early zpass enabled?

It is 100% the foliage causing the issues. The problem goes away once foliage is disabled/deleted. Early z-pass is enabled.