Foliage systems, Bending, Fire propagation, Trampling

Hi guys,

I always thought that foliage in most games could use some love.
I found out that there weren’t that manny foliage bending examples out there, most seem to resort to Shaders,
which does not look good on larger foliage types.

get the project files here: Unreal 4 Foliage systems
get the project process paper here: Google Drive: Sign-in

Based on jonas Molgaards tutorials and jean-Francois Levesque’s paper i managed to create a set of folliage systems.


  • physical Foliage bending (spawning and despawning physics actors)
  • reaction like forces and impulses (explosions)
  • A vertex shader to add more floatyness to the leaves
  • Fire propagation
  • Foliage trampling by heavy objects

Currently i’m working to release the project files along with a paper on how my thought process was along the way via gumroad.
If there are any questions, feedback,… please post it below!



Looks amazing, I’m hoping the paper is friendly enough for an artist to implement it.

it is for sure as i’m an artist myself hehe + i’m making a tutorial on how to change my project so it works for your foliage as wel, but there’s still some technical knowledge needed about materials, physics,… but i’ll

Beautiful. I don’t remember seeing trampling before.

This looks really nice. Would it work in multiplayer? I’ve been trying to figure out a reasonable way to make trampling work in multiplayer without taking too much performance.

i htink it would work idk exactly what you want to do with it, but as soon as the foliage is trampled i replace it by an instanced static mesh :stuck_out_tongue: but still the trampling needs a blueprint

This is great work, just wow. Definitely would be amazing to implement this in some of my own projects.

Due to popular demand, i’m releasing the cleaned up version of my foliage systems project files + a user guide on how to change it to make it work with other foliage.
I also wrote a small paper on my thought process of solving interactions with foliage.
which you can download here (181 mb):

Project files:

The google drive link is broken.

you can get the paper but you’l need to download it because of the file size

The link is “…”

It’s not the full URL

Purchased! (mostly just to support you)
Great work! keep it up!

Also, the google drive link is not broken O_o


Is the pdf really only 4 pages long and still 180 MB?

hehey thanks luos!
And yes it’s because i forgot to turn the size of the pages down, they are 1/1 A4

Link **is **broken in this post

Fixed it, thanks

No problems, cool system by the way!
Trampling is even better than in Uncharted 4 :smiley:

hehe thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome! :open_mouth:

Does this work with speedtree made vegetation?

speed trees are rigged right? if you are able to make it a physics asset, then yes :stuck_out_tongue: