Foliage shader problem

Hello everyone,

I want to make a nature scene with partially recording with a greater distance and I’m currently having a problem with my foliage. Actually I don’t really know what causes the problem, so I just made a short recording to show you my problem.

As you can see in the video above I just applied some simple grass with the foliage paint tool to my provisorily landscape. When I go further away the grass disappears and is only fully visible when I’m really close. I hope someone can tell me why this is happening and how I can fix this so that my grass will be visible when the camera is far away.

Thanks in advance

It’s called culling, and it’s what allows levels to have a lot of grass, without killing your frame rate. The trick is to have the grass blend in well enough with the terrain, you don’t notice it fading away in the distance. There’s more info about foliage culling here:

This is not only caused by culling. The alpha of thin objects like your grass tends to fade away in the mip mapping process. Try ticking “Dither Mip-Map Alpha” in your texture settings. This should solve the problem but in my opinion it looks really bad. You should setup some good LODs and modify your ground material like ZacD suggested.