Foliage Questions

These could be bugs or I’m missing something-

  1. Paintbucket doesn’t seem to work with large terrains- anyone else experience this and have a fix?

  2. Start Culling- has anyone got this to work? Foliage Tool | Unreal Engine Documentation
    I setup my PerInstanceFadeAmount node but still, no gentle fade. If I can just get confirmation that it indeed does work, I can get it working.

  3. Speedtree sometimes imports with several materials per LOD, even ones that aren’t drawing yet there doesn’t seem to be a way to remove them from the Static Mesh properties window.

  4. Screen Size LOD number- I saw some weird stuff going on with LOD 4, my billboard. It was locked to 0.0 and I could not enter any other number. LOD 3 was at 0.03- what gives?

  5. Speedtree also imports with collision on every material- this should be off by default because most likely you will only set it on LOD 0 and even then a few parts.

Thanks guys.

The Paintbucket has never worked for me.

To edit the LOD scales, go right to the bottom of the settings and enable editing.

Probably doesn’t hurt to have collisions on lower LODs. Physics will apply its own oct-tree based optimisations.