Foliage pop in 4.20.3

So I’m trying to create a landscape with a semi automatic material.
I’ve done things like this in the past but some time has passed since I last touched the engine.

Now I’ve got the problem of weird foliage pop in.

Materials use “per instance fade”

Materials use dithered lod transition

The landscape mat uses the landscape grass tool

The landscape grass type uses a fade distance of 200min 400max

The pop in seems to occur on landscape sub section borders here is a video: Foliage Pop-In - YouTube

This is happening to me too, seems to only occur when using the Landscape Grass Tool and some of the latest engine updates. Now there’s pop in on the LOD transitions. Just have to turn off “Dither LOD Transition” within the material/Mat Inst…but then again this is just a work around, and disables the DLT function that should work within the engine.

Having this exact same problem in 4.27.

Nobody has a solution?

Welp, having the same issue at 5.3.2

The dithering is somewhat working, but the pattern seems weird. It fades in okay, but fades out abruptly resulting in a ‘pop’ effect.