Foliage Placement Etiquette in Tiled World?

Hi! I have a rather large tiled landscape set up with world machine and world composition. I’m curious in how people approach painting their foliage in a tiled world. Should I be painting the foliage in the levels corresponding to each tile, or should I paint it in the persistent level? I’d like to be able to see the trees and such from a distance, and I noticed that in the landscape lod settings, I can bake foliage to landscape. I’m using 4.19 with some gameworks integrations. I’m pretty new to this and just curious on the best way to go about it for performance reasons while maintaining a detailed open world in the end. I suppose this question could also go for static meshes that are placed in the world. For the record, I will be targeting higher end systems for this project, as I figure it will take a few years to complete, and I would like to have some creative freedom. Any pointers would be appreciated!