Foliage painting on disposable staticmesh?

Is it (or can it be in future) possible to add a staticmesh, paint foliage on that staticmesh, then remove the staticmesh but retain the foliage in place?

In other words, can painted foliage instances exist without the mesh that it was originally painted on?

I want to remove the staticmesh after painting because it serves no purpose other than being a temporary painting target. Not only is the mesh not rendered, but it is very high-poly and I do not want to keep it in memory after the foliage is painted.

Hi Ash,

This currently isn’t possible and may be added in a future release, but one way around this for now would be to have a basic low poly version of the mesh you want to use and then in the details panel you for the mesh you can select “Visible” and uncheck that to make the mesh invisible.

As a test I’ve got two images below. The first I’ve setup a lot of spheres in the scene ~1000 tris for each one.
You can see that this is affecting my FPS.

In the second image the meshes are still there but not rendered. I’ve unchecked the visibility in the details panel for these meshes. You can see that my FPS is significantly better. Give this a try and see how well it works out. If you’re have any issues of have questions feel free to ask!


Good idea!
Thanks Tim.

No problem! If you’re still having trouble with it or related questions feel free to post here.