Foliage Painting HUGE Landscape

For days ive been trying to paint my landscape with the foliage tool but no matter what size the brush it would take weeks to paint it all so please tell me if there is a way to place grass all over a landscape without dedicated weeks to doing something like this??

use the fill tool? If you need it to avoid some areas (like rock) use a landscape layer and set to to whatever your grass layer is.

Cant use fill tool on landscapes?

Oh I didn’t realize they disabled it especially since the landscape toggles are still there.

You can try spawning meshes along the surface manually using a blueprint that is similar to the one in the blueprints example map. Instead just have it take in a landscape and spawn along the surfaces of it. The only issue is that it would not be clustered like foliage is. (though you could do that as well) so draw calls will be higher.

You could also jump into the engine and try to turn on landscape fill though they likely disabled it for a reason.