Foliage paint adds foliage off cursor

When adding foliage with foliage paint, the foliage appears elsewhere (about 1 m I think but not accurate) than the cursor shows. With brush the actual location is where the brush is but in single mode it is very hard to know where the foliage actually appears.
And even with brush it is annoying and can cause big problems when trying to add foliage to the camera view edges.

How to reset the ‘pivot’ of foliage paint tool?
Or is this bug?
I have been working on a project for quite along time and at some point this problem started, no idea what caused it.

Could it be the pivot of your mesh? Is it in the center?

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I don’t think so, it’s the same for all foliage and I just checked with this foliage, its pivot (static mesh) is correct.
Here is demonstation of using single mode, see how the pine appears in wrong place:

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

How is it in the wrong place? It’s bang center.

the ‘plus’ shows the cursor and the foliage appears far from that

Ok, I see.

Try it in a new level, does it work there?

Sometimes the foliage does nutty things, and you have to bin it a redo it.

Actually, I think there is bug in UE because if I turn view higher (birds eye view) it is accurate. So it seems it calculates the position of the cursor on landscape wrong when viewing from closer to the ground. The error increases the lower to ground view gets.


I’m also experiencing the same issue with foliage painter as well as landscape. It works fine on an empty scene but brakes when I progress with my environment.