Foliage Optimization Help

Trying to make a forest scene for a game. Using trees from the “Environment Set” off the marketplace. I am getting around 70fps with just a small patch of trees that totals no more than about 150 trees if even that. All the shaders are very well optimized, showing light green in shader complexity view. No overdraw to speak of, all blue. Even the LODs are perfect, fading to billboards pretty quickly at a screen size of about 0.45 or so. Using the foliage tool to paint everything on. Currently testing on a streamed terrain with no material (default grey checkerboard) and a very small map with nothing else on it. Framerate gets much better, around 90fps give or take, when at a distance and that seems to be because the dynamic shadows fade out at that range. What is the secret to optimizing trees? I can’t even get to the point of adding grass because the trees are still kicking my butt.

PC specs:

Windows 10 64-bit

Unreal 4.25


FX 8350 CPU

GTX 1660 6GB GPU (factory overclocked)