Foliage ONLY on player start landscape tile

Hi everybody,

I’m using the Grass Tool for my foliage across a rather big landscape, a single landscape tile measures about 125x125km.
Unfortunately my foliage is only shown on the tile where my player starting position is located on. As soon as I start to enter another tile the foliage is gone.
If I put my player starting position very close to the border of two neighboring tiles then both tiles show foliage properly, but it’s gone as soon as I try to enter a third one…

Would be great if someone could give me an idea where I should start my error search, thanks! :slight_smile:

An interesting detail I’ve just found out, as soon as I make a certain tile “current” it’ll have and keep foliage forever, no mater where I put the player start.

So that means if I import 50 Tiles I’d “just” have to make every single one “current” at least once, and the problem is solved.
But I guess it’s not meant to be that way, right?