Foliage object that slightly rotates away from you on collision?

Hey all,

 In UDK there was an 'interactive foliage actor', which simply rotated away from the player when they collided with it, and then smoothly sprung back when they leaved. I was wondering how to recreate that in Unreal 4?

I believe you can do this with the pivot painter: Pivot Painter Tool 1.0 Material Functions | Unreal Engine Documentation

Or via shaders, as demonstrated here: Foliage collision + foliage bend on collision- In engine feature? - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

Neither of those ways behave like the interactive foliage actor, which doesn’t appear to be working at this time. I have yet to see anyone create interactive (simulated) foliage that isn’t bone based.

Here is a solution that mAlkAv!An posted on the forums. This may be of use.


Thanks Tim, but it’s not the same thing. What I think the OP and myself are looking for is something physically simulated, not just bending away.

Yeah I got that but this is one alternative at the moment. There is always BPs and setting something up to react that way. I’m not currently aware of any other methods. :frowning:


is something more planned? making a system that only collides with the player might be enough for some but as soon as you need other characters (other players or even NPCs) this solution becomes really impractical.

if such a system is planned I also wonder if there’s plans to mix and match it with the other features. we had the InteractiveFoliageActor in UDK but it never worked with the foliage tool (just like SpeedTrees, though these do work as foliage in UE4). having to choose either/or for features makes it feel only like a tech demo