Foliage not being placed correctly

I have created a landscape (which is actually a static mesh, but I have had this problem even on a normal landscape) which I am trying to set grass on. I would use the built in grass system, but I have created a bunch of different grass blades and I feel it would be better to use the foliage tool, it also just seems the least complex. I have included the individual foliage types and enabled them, am in paint mode, and have also set the filters appropriately (I believe so at least). Now when I attempt to paint my grass onto the mesh, they do not even do nearly what I want them to do. They begin to scatter on different areas that are completely not even close to where my brush is. I am unsure of how to fix this. Here are some attached screenshots.

(don’t worry about the lighting, I can fix that later, I just want to know how to fix the foliage painting)

Help would be much appreciated! :slight_smile: