Foliage moves after saving

I have foliage painted on a landscape and some static meshes and when I save the project, the foliage moves away from the scene. If I move it back into the proper position and save it again, it moves farther away.


In this image you can see the foliage on the left side and the pivot on the right. The foliage will always be in that position (I believe that is 0,0,0) but the pivot moves when it’s saved.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to fix this as I would really like to avoid having to repaint the foliage. Thanks!

when you are moving them - are you moving the foliage instances themselves through the foliage tool, or are you just selecting the foliage actor in the level and moving it?
also why is 0,0,0 so far away from the action

I am using level streaming, so this particular level isn’t at 0,0,0. I painted the foliage properly but restarting Unreal results in it moving back to, I think, 0,0,0 (you can see it highlighted in orange on the left side of the image). The pivot, however, is the foliage actor, and that moves farther away with each restart if i attempt to reposition the foliage actor.

EDIT: Moving the the foliage instances themselves through the foliage tool also results in them moving away after a restart. Also, I’m not sure if this matters but I’m mostly painting on static meshes and splines, as well as landscape.

Have you managed to resolve it? I’m facing similar issue. Meshes and foliage keep changing positions after I save and reopen my project. I would appreciate any kind of advice as to what could be causing such behaviour.

Imgur: The magic of the Internet ← here you can see the issue. I’m using world composition if it helps.