Foliage loses opacity mask far away

I tried Googling for an answer but I’m not sure even what the problem is. Basically I have a “miniature” world where objects are supposed to be huge, and the player is small so trees in the world are way scaled up to make it feel like you are very small. When I’m far away from the tree, it seems to lose its opacity mask(goes black), and when I go closer it looks fine.

I guess the only way I can describe it is to just show you a video of the problem.](

Thanks for any help :\

Bumping, can anyone please help?

I think you too have an issue with the Mip settings.
try offsetting the mip by -1 or -3. Foe the alpha only.
Progress in lower increments if you see any change.

I’d you do not, then the issue is something else. Maybe the sharpness of the alpha mask is being changed with distance and you can actually change the texture settings to change that behaviour.

I don’t understand, the number of Mips can only be from 0 to 10?

It doesn’t matter how many mips there can be. The issue is likely the fact that the transparency texture is compromised in quality by the mip.

Literally just plug a scalar into the bias and play with the instance to see results.